Friday, March 23, 2012

Walk or Run?

I have always enjoyed walking. I walk when I need to clear my mind, when I want to pray, when I'm trying to exercise, and I just enjoy it. James and I like to take walks together. His idea of a walk is strolling along taking our time. My idea is speed walking and making sure I'm able to count it as a workout.

We have a great trail close by and enjoy taking walks with JJ. James wanted to run today so he can pick up his speed on his mile run. He sped off and left JJ and I in the dust. As soon as he left, I felt the need to step up my power walking speed! I thought for sure JJ and I would see James because of my speed! Ha! Yeah right! We did meet up with James again, but only because he was walking back towards us.

As we're walking, he told me I should try to run to a yield sign. That sucker seemed to be miles away. I had jogged a little while he was running. (Trying to catch up!) I told him I couldn't run that far. If you know me, when someone tells me I can't do something, I am driven to accomplish it. I'm not talking about breaking rules. I just like to push myself. Today, I tried to accomplish something I said out loud I could not do. I darted off and made it to the yield sign! I could hear James cheering me on and looked behind me. I saw him smiling, then I saw another man. When I got to the yield sign, I wanted to lift my arms up like Rocky, but I didn't since the man was there. Wow! I felt great! I didn't lose my breath, and I did it!

We did some more walking and even did some strolling. JJ got out of the stroller to walk for a little while. Then, I hear James say to JJ that he wanted him to get back in the stroller so Mommy and Daddy could run back to the parking lot. I was hoping JJ would beg to keep walking, but he was fine with it. Now, I had to run again! Ha! we kept a nice easy pace and made it!

I really am not a runner, but I go through these times when I have a desire to run. I'm really hoping that if I add it here and there, I will one day be a runner!

Which do you prefer, walk or run?



I love the idea of running and have done a little but I'm more of a walker too.

Rachel Stevenson

Crystal, I love walking!

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