Monday, April 2, 2012

2 & 1/2 birthday

Since JJ was six months old, two years ago, we have celebrated his 1/2 birthdays by having a half cake. It may be cheesy, but it's just something I wanted to do for him. This half birthday was no different. When we lived in Richmond, we had a great local grocery store that had an amazing bakery that sold half cakes. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get one from there this year. James picked one up yesterday at a Giant, and it was pretty good!

We spent the first part of our day going to Weight Watchers with my mom. JJ got to wear his new shoes that I got him for the beach! He was so excited, and he really wanted to go bye bye. We dropped my ring and James' ring off at Jared to get cleaned and dipped, then headed to Chick Fil A! It's a weekly Monday thing for me and my mom, but J usually doesn't go with us. He got to eat, play in the play place and get ice cream. Ice cream is his favorite thing right now, so he was one happy boy. He fell asleep on the way home.

After his nap, we headed to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate! We usually just have a half cake, but we celebrated a little more since Daddy won't be here for his 3rd birthday. He enjoyed dancing to all the music that Chuckie plays, playing the games, riding the little toys and eating pizza! He fed the ticket monster and got some prizes.

When we got home, we sang happy half birthday and had some coconut cake! It was a wonderful half birthday!

New words of JJ: When asked what color the bus is, he says yellow. Grapes are purple, blueberries are blue and Aunt Beth is Bes. He also says thank you without having to be told sometimes! He says I love you, and tonight he told me as I tucked him in and said goodnight. Music to this mommy's ears! He says ants, up and down. He loves to show us things that are the same color. Pink is usually mommy, blue is daddy, and green is JJ. He also is saying his name more clearly. He can say his friend's names from church, Ry-ry (Rylan), Lilly and Tommy.

JJ, you have grown so much in 2 and 1/2 years. I wouldn't trade you for the world! You're the best son God could give me. My prayer is that you will learn to love God and put your trust in Him as soon as possible!


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