Monday, December 3, 2012

25 Days of Christmas

I got an amazing idea from the greatest site out there, Pinterest! I made the 25 days of Christmas basket (bucket on Pinterest)! Each day, JJ will get a small gift or open an envelope that has an activity for the day. I still have a couple days that need to be filled, but I have a while 'til we get there. He's 3, so he hasn't noticed yet! So far, he has gotten a little train, bubble bath and a new Christmas movie! Tomorrow, we will be drinking hot chocolate! We will be looking at Christmas lights, going to Solomon's Island Christmas walk, making tree ornaments, baking cookies for Daddy and decorating for Christmas! I was so excited to do this!
I also wrapped 25 books that are all ones he already had! Each night at bedtime, he gets to pick up, unwrap it, and I read it to him! So far, he has really enjoyed it! He was upset tonight when the book was about Jonah and the whale and not Thomas and Friends of Sodar! He did enjoy the book once it got started though!

I'm hoping this will become one of our traditions! What are some of your family traditions?

Monday, November 19, 2012


I had the chance to spend some time with my fabulous friends, Holly and Ashley, this weekend! We laugh non stop, fit so many fun things into a short weekend and enjoy every second of just being together! God has blessed me with these friends!

We were walking out to my dad's truck, which I decided to take this weekend because it's big, and I was digging through my purse for my keys. You know that feeling? I was getting panicked and I couldn't find them anywhere in my small purse. Ashley then tells me I couldn't find them because they were ON THE DRIVER'S SEAT! What? Holly started trying to flag d own the security car that was circling the parking lot. Finally, she called them and was told they couldn't do much other than bring us some numbers for a locksmith. Great, there's about $50 lost to stupidity...We prayed we would get someone nice who could help us. I even said I wouldn't judge anyone who could help us "break in" our truck!

Then, this man came by to get to his truck parked next to ours. He was saying excuse me when Holly told him we were in no rush since our keys were locked in the truck. He then asked if we needed a wire hanger because he had one in his truck! He had cleaned it out a couple weeks ago and left it inside in case someone  may need one to get into their car. He even helped Holly get the door unlocked. I hadn't closed the door all the way, so it was open enough to slide it in! While we let Holly work her magic with this man's help, Ashley prayed with JJ. Minutes later, the door was unlocked! I seriously did a little happy dance in the lot! We were praising God! The man had a fish sticker on his truck and a cross hanging from his mirror. He kept telling us, "God bless you!"

God really used this what felt like a horrible situation to show me how sovereign He just is! God is still working miracles and using his people to help others! We even talked that maybe he was an angel! I'll admit it, I was watching his truck as we pulled away thinking it would just disappear!

Ever experienced an angel yourself?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's been going on...

JJ and I packed up once again and headed back up to Maryland to spend some time with family and friends before James finishes AIT and we head to South Carolina. JJ is getting totally spoiled and will need a detox once we get settled in SC!

I have been getting some custom made orders for RASberry Designs and even sold some already  made jewelry at a vendor show this past weekend! It's exciting to me because I love making jewelry! It's my therapy! Check out my facebook page and like it if you haven't yet!!/pages/RASberry-Designs/242572019152647

This past weekend, I got to see my sisters and families! It was really nice catching up! My oldest nephew, Nathanael is very techno savvy. I was asking his advice on how to expand my jewelry customers. He gave me some great tips, and I am currently adding Instagram to my phone and will be starting a vlog soon! Vlog, you ask? I asked as well. This is like a blog, but you do it on youtube. So, he thinks I should start a vlog on my thrift store finds! Well, I think I may just do that!

I am in charge of the Thanksgiving menu this year, which really excites me because I love meal planning and cooking! It's great having people to cook for again!

This is the fun blue scarf I bought in a little shop in Alabama called Jo Jo's! The owner is a retired Army pilot!

 J decked out in pjs and his new hat and mittens!

 New contacts!
 J made this in class (at home) for the color yellow!
I got to sit in the back with J this weekend, and he kept reaching for my hand!
 J's first taste of Nutella went well! He scarfed it down quick!

I threw this together this morning and love how it turned out!

That's what's been going on in our lives! 17 more days of AIT for James!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Color for God

James had a huge test this morning, so there were many prayers in our house! JJ and I prayed for Daddy before we even got out of bed this morning. So sweet to look across and see his eyes closed and hands folded first thing in the morning!

After we finished breakfast, we were still sitting at the table, I knew James was taking his test right at that moment, so I began to write my prayer in my journal. JJ got out of his seat, walked over to me and asked what I was doing. (I usually do this while he is napping.) I told him I was writing my prayer to God for Daddy to pass his test. He told me he wanted to color for God! (teary eyed as I'm writing here) I handed him the pen, and he began his coloring. I asked him what his coloring was saying. He simply said, "God, help my Daddy pass him test."

I cannot describe the joy I felt in my heart this morning! I know children learn by example, and these past couple weeks I have not been the best example. I have been stressed out and just a down right Debbie Downer. You know the type. Nothing has been going the way I thought it should go. Yeah, that's been me... So, needless to say, I'm glad that he picked up on something good today!

He even told me while we were running errand today that he colored to God to help Daddy pass his test! Well, guess what, my friends?! Daddy passed his test! We thanked God, and I know that He will use this as a fabulous lesson for my Jman!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


My RASberry Designs facebook page has reached 100 likes, so to celebrate I'm doing a giveaway! Please click on the link, like my page, then like the status about the giveaway! You can always order anything you see on the page, or you can tell me what you want me to make you!!/pages/RASberry-Designs/242572019152647

3 Year Old Zoo Trip

Since we were not near family for JJ's birthday this year, I decided to take him to the zoo! A friend that I met here asked if she and her little boy, (J's new bff!) could go with us! Of course, J and I were super excited to go to the zoo and to be with friends! In one of JJ's books about Elmo, Elmo says that his favorite zoo animal is the giraffe, so that is now JJ's favorite zoo animal too. Go figure! He loved seeing the elephant too because he is really into the book "Horton Hears a Who". We even have the movie, which he has seen a million times now!

We were thrilled and shocked to see Batman at the zoo! They were setting up for Halloween. J was showing off his Batman muscles!

Here we are feeding his favorite zoo animal. I do not do well with feeding animals, but thankfully, we had a cup!

JJ and Maddox, whom he calls Mammox!

Train ride!

I love how this looks like he's right in there with those tigers!

I am not going to lie, this sky lift scared me! It was really neat to see everything from above, but yikes was it high!

We ended the day with a cupcake from a local cupcake shop called "Cupcakes Ya'll"! We called Daddy so he could join in on singing "Happy Birthday"!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Good Golly Miss Molly!

Ha ha! I love the title! I have actually been saying that quite a bit lately! Because we got ourselves a puppy 7 weeks ago! We have been wanting one for a while and talked about it quite a bit. We considered waiting until we were settled and maybe even do it as a Christmas gift to JJ, but Miss Molly Mae, as I like to call her captured our hearts!

She is a poochon, which is a mix of poodle and bichon. No, we are not big into getting a well known breed at all. In fact, I still feel funny when people say how cute she is and ask what she is. Then, they begin to ask all the questions about poochons, and I feel like a fake! I know some people are all about a certain breed, but we were just trying to get a cute family dog!

JJ has gotten very attached, which was our main reason for getting her. He hugs her and tells her he loves her too much! He tells me that too, but I hope he means it more when he says it to me! :)