Monday, December 3, 2012

25 Days of Christmas

I got an amazing idea from the greatest site out there, Pinterest! I made the 25 days of Christmas basket (bucket on Pinterest)! Each day, JJ will get a small gift or open an envelope that has an activity for the day. I still have a couple days that need to be filled, but I have a while 'til we get there. He's 3, so he hasn't noticed yet! So far, he has gotten a little train, bubble bath and a new Christmas movie! Tomorrow, we will be drinking hot chocolate! We will be looking at Christmas lights, going to Solomon's Island Christmas walk, making tree ornaments, baking cookies for Daddy and decorating for Christmas! I was so excited to do this!
I also wrapped 25 books that are all ones he already had! Each night at bedtime, he gets to pick up, unwrap it, and I read it to him! So far, he has really enjoyed it! He was upset tonight when the book was about Jonah and the whale and not Thomas and Friends of Sodar! He did enjoy the book once it got started though!

I'm hoping this will become one of our traditions! What are some of your family traditions?