Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Sweetest Prayer

JJ has been praying since we were on vacation a couple weeks ago. Tonight's prayer made me smile and melt!

"Mommy, Daddy, Papa, Mama. Mommy, Daddy, Papa, Mama. Daddy in the Army, Daddy in the Army. Mommy, Papa, Daddy, Mama, uh, me. Amen"

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mr. Independent

JJ has definitely been showing his "terrible twos" side lately. It has been very tiring, but I know this is just a stage. He can be the sweetest thing one minute, then the next he's upset because I did something that he wanted to do himself.

Here's a few pictures that make up for all his "twosness".

This is him having fun eating his Lucky Charms!

He knew I was taking pictures, so he was showing off!

He was balancing this cup on his head during his bath, then he would pretend sneeze to make it fall off.

JJ enjoyed playing with his cousins while they cam e for a visit!

JJ and Kristopher had matching shirts, so we called them twins!

This was too funny! While Mama got up, JJ got in her spot and started drinking her milkshake!

This duck came so close to JJ, it freaked me out. But, or course he wanted to get as close as possible.

The last time we were at this park, these guys hissed at us for getting to close. This time, they came right up to us like we were bffs.

When I saw J try to get up this rock wall, I really doubted he could do it. I did the whole hover over the 2 year old Mommy thing, but he got it. He went up several times, then he went down the slides!

He just keeps getting so big and doing new things. I know that's part of growing up, it's normal... But, when it's your little baby, it's just crazy! I'm a total tear jerker, and I usually cry over new things he does.

This looks like a spaceship, but it has a ball inside that you're supposed to direct around the maze.

He had to be just like Mama and sweep the deck! He was eating his lollipop while doing this!

I cut these while he was helping out front. He just had to cut them too. He got his feelings hurt when he didn't get to help with each one. They turned out looking great though!

This is called the fruit roll up swing at My Gym!

They were using Frisbees to drive their pretend cars at the end of class.

I'm so glad he's so cute and cuddly (sometimes) to make up for all the "no help me, Mommy" I hear!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

First Thursday

I folded this shirt today...


Today was quite the eventful day! It started out by wasy over sleeping for JJ's music class. We rushed around like chickens with our heads cut off and still got there almost 20 minutes late. He enjoyed class. They played his favorite song on the class cd which is the "choo choo" song!

As I was trying to drag him out of class, he bit me and broke skin. If this is not acting out because Daddy's away, I have a monster on my hands! I seriously thought my child hated me today. Then, when we got to Chick Fil A, it was like he had forgotten how naughty he had been all morning and was the sweetest little thing!

He ate most of his food and played in the playground! He climbed to the top and went down the slide for the first time today! When my mom took him two weeks ago, he got stuck in the top and a dad had to climb up and bring him down!

Then, I had a fabulous short day at work! When I got home, JJ was so happy to see me! But, while we were eating dinner I missed James' call. I had seriously kept my phone near all day. I even checked when I came out of the bathroom to make sure I didn't miss anything. Well, I missed his call, but I did get 3 texts from him, one being a pic of his new haircut! I cried like a baby when I saw I had missed the call. JJ thought the picture of Daddy was so silly and kept asking to see it.  He now wants his hair buzzed. We'll just have to see about that. His hair is finally getting longer and the curls are beautiful!

JJ was super easy to put down to bed, so I'm pretty content. I also got a facebook message from a wife of a man that James met throught facebook a couple months ago who is in bct with James. She told me her husband told her that James is doing well and was chosen as his bay's leader. I have no clue what a bay is or what exactly that means, but I am one proud Army wife!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 2

Well, we survived one night and a day without Daddy! I know it's small, but I have to take baby steps to make it! That's actually something James has taught me. He always tells me to take one thing at a time! I love him for that. I always see the big, full end of the road that includes 5 million things... He always wants me to focus on one thing at a time. Set goals, he says. My goal is to make it one day at a time. Then, I'll go for a week.

Today was a nice day. J and I snuggled while watching tv this morning. Then, we went to the grocery store. I guess all the shopping wore him out, because we got in the car and I turned around to see him snoozing away.

While he napped, I clipped and organized my coupons from this week! I am finally caught up on my clipping and organizing! I worked on laundry from vacation. I even shed a tear while I put James' underwear in the washer. Then, I felt really silly!

JJ was watching tv and dancing this afternoon! The boy can really groove! He must get it from James because I look ridiculous when I try to dance.

I worked a couple hours this evening, then headed home to my boy! He was so happy to see me, and that made me feel great! He had told my mom that I didn't give him his "pop pop", so I made sure to do that asap! He was so excited! As I opened the bag, I told him, "For every lollipop he eats, that's one day closer to seeing...." And he screamed with delight, "Daddy!" I really hope this excitement keeps up!

A little funny about J today was as I was eating dinner I was showing me how he was kicking. As he was kicking he was saying something, but I wasn't sure what he was saying. Then, I saw he had a tiny soccer ball sticker he was holding out like he was kicking it! What a funny boy!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Proud and Sad

I don't even know how to describe today. Exactly six months ago, James signed up for the Army. It was such a crazy time of our lives, and six months seemed so far away. Then, the last couple of weeks flew by, except last week. We went to Buxton, NC for vacation with some of my family, and I had prayed that God would let the time go by slowly. He answered my prayers! Even James said it went so slow!

Yesterday, I felt like I just couldn't get enough time in with James. It was like I had a to-do list of things to say and do before he left, but they just all didn't happen. I have been dreading today for 6 months now, and now it's over! I thought I would cry all day and hide in my room in the dark wanting to see or talk to no one. But, I have a God who can comfort, and He did just that today! I had so many people telling me they are praying for me, and I can feel those prayers! I don't consider myself a strong or independent woman, but God gave me strength today that can only come from God!

James woke up before me. I stayed in bed and prayed while he got ready for the day. Then, JJ woke up, and James brought him to bed with me. We shared the sweetest time singing, then he broke out in a sweet prayer and wanted me to pray after him! He just started praying while on vacation, and it is the sweetest thing I have ever heard! I got ready, and James said his goodbyes to JJ. It was really heartbreaking, but I didn't cry too much.

We stopped at WaWa for some drinks and a little breakfast, then headed to Richmond to meet his recruiter. We had a nice drive and had a good conversation. I have been quieter than normal the last couple weeks for fear of saying the wrong thing and just trying to soak in my time with him. We ate lunch at Chick Fil A, then walked to Wal-Mart to get a couple last minute things, then we browsed through Home Depot. I teared up a few times realized that we wouldn't do anything like this for quite some time.

When his recruited got there, we talked for a while. He seemed to really put my mind at ease with his encouraging words about the Army. I am very thankful for that. Our last hug and kiss were so sweet! I will cherish them for the weeks to come! As he rode off with the recruiter, I followed until we took our separate exits. I had prepared myself for possible pulling over from eyeballs full of tears, but that didn't happen. I cried for a bit, then I just kept thinking 10 weeks is not that long. I know it really is, but I'm trying to be positive here! I talked to my sister, Sarah for a long part of the drive.

On the way home, I saw a U.S. Army charter bus, and I felt so proud! I wanted to chase it down and thank everyone on the bus! Crazy, I know!

When I got home, JJ was still napping. James has had his bike listed for sale, and a man stopped by today to check it out! Thankfully, he bought it! This was a learning bike for James, so he seemed happy to let it go. Of course, he has plans for getting another.

When J woke up, we picked/cut some flowers for my mom. JJ wanted to help, so he was the one who gave them to her!

I got to talk to James for a few minutes tonight, which was really nice! We can still text, so that has been comforting. This week, he will be in reception, so I think I should be able to hear from him. So, to me the ten weeks will be more like 9 weeks.

I got an idea of having a countdown 'til we see Daddy, and I do not need to eat chocolate everyday. So, I have a huge Ziploc bag full of dum dums that JJ can eat everyday. He loves lollipops (pop pops), so this will be super fun! He got his first tonight and wanted Daddy to have one.

When I put him to bed tonight, he prayed, then asked for Daddy to pray. We've been taking turns praying the last few nights. I had to tell him Daddy wasn't here, but we could pray for him. He liked that idea! Maybe this is just the "honeymoon" phase, but I think I may be able to do this! Please pray for us if you can, and especially for JJ. He loves his Daddy to pieces, and I'm sure this will be hard on him.