Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Story Time Madness

Our town has a wonderful library with a children's story time every Tuesday. I have been dreaming of doing something like this with JJ for a long time, but because of work, we never made it. Since moving to Reidsville, we have been going. Our first two times, JJ was very shy and was glued to me. I was worried he would never warn up and have a good time.
Miss Jackie, our librarian, has a puppet that she walks around with meeting and greeting everyone. When she asks the child's name, they put their hand in the puppets mouth and say their name. The first week, I was so excited to have her come to JJ! I was dreaming of how he would be the perfect child, say his name and put his hand in the puppet's mouth...... Keep dreaming, he gave her a dirty look!
Our third time, JJ was more interested in the babies that were there and the chairs that he could play under. He found a lollipop in my purse, and I gave it to him to keep him quiet. At the end, I noticed children thanking Miss Jackie. I wanted my child to do the same. I picked him up, and we went to say thank you. She was so worried about the lollipop and asked me to put it in a napkin. With promises of not letting him touch the books, we grabbed 3 books and scooted.
We took off last week, but returned today. A week off would mean he would be dream child, right? Exact opposite! I have never seem him behave as ridiculous as he did today. He ran behind her tv, which freaked Miss Jackie out. He ran around the room and encouraged others to join him. He stood up and talked while she was reading. I could go on and on. I took him out of the room twice to have a "coming to Jesus meeting" with him. Both times he said "okay" in his cute voice to assure me he was ready to go back. He ended up locked in my arms on my lap the rest of the time. Oh, did I mention I had a new friend meet me there with her daughter! Children, you just gotta love 'em!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Setting up a Blog

So, I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now, but I have been stuck on what to name it. My husband said to just go for it and not be so worried about a name. I thought and thought and thought. I even asked for suggestions. I finally narrowed it down to three, sent him all three via text and came up with "Pocket Full of Blessings". I was ready to roll, or so I thought. I started designing my blog. I picked out the background and was tickled with the look! Then, I realized my description could hardly be seen. So, there I was freaking out about it and not blogging, which is why I wanted a blog in the first place! So, I will work on all the details later, but I really just needed to get started! I have so many things I want to share, and this will be the perfect place!