Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Drug Store Deals This Week

I had a request to post how I did this week at Rite Aid and CVS. CVS wasn't really anything to brag about, but Rite Aid was amazing! Here's the break down of how I got everything!
Here's what I got at Rite Aid. I want to first say that I had $10 in Up Rewards from my man buying a deal on diapers, then using the rewards to buy razor blades! Shout out to the hubs!

First Transaction:
Lysol no-touch kit $6.88
Stride Spark $.99
Stride Shaun White $.99
Up2u $.99
Mentos $.99
Floss $2.99
Carefree $1.00
Stayfree $3.00
Stayfree $3.00
$10 Up Rewards
$3.00 off Lysol
$1.00 off two Stride gums
$1.00 off Up2u
$.55 off Mentos
$1.00 off floss
$1.00 off Carefree
$2.00 off 2 Stayfree pads
Total out of pocket:
Up Rewards earned:
$2 for the floss
$2 for Stayfree
$1 for Lysol
Second Transaction:
Lysol no-touch kit $6.88
$3 off Lysol
$4 Up  Rewards
Total out of pocket:
Up Rewards earned:
$1 for Lysol
Remaining UP Rewards:

When J saw what I was doing, he wanted to be in the pictures! Yes, he stayed in his pj's most of the day!

I scanned my CVS card at the magic machine and got three coupons. One was $2 off CVS 2 packs of CVS wipes. We needed wipes, so I decied to use it! I don't have my first receipt, so I'm putting the prices I remember.
First Transaction:
36 count Playtex $8.49
18 count Playtex ?
Buy Playtex 36 count, get an 18 count free
$8.49 plus tax
Rewards Earned:
Second Transaction:
20 oz. Mountain Dew $1.77 (James was with me)
CVS wipes $2.99
CVS wipes $2.99
Coupons used:
$2 off 2 CVS wipes
$3 Extra Care Bucks
Total Out of Pocket:

J wanted to be in the Rite Aid trip's loot as well!

J just being cute!

I don't think CVS was that great of a deal, but the wipes weren't a bad price. How did you do this week?


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