Friday, March 23, 2012

Walk or Run?

I have always enjoyed walking. I walk when I need to clear my mind, when I want to pray, when I'm trying to exercise, and I just enjoy it. James and I like to take walks together. His idea of a walk is strolling along taking our time. My idea is speed walking and making sure I'm able to count it as a workout.

We have a great trail close by and enjoy taking walks with JJ. James wanted to run today so he can pick up his speed on his mile run. He sped off and left JJ and I in the dust. As soon as he left, I felt the need to step up my power walking speed! I thought for sure JJ and I would see James because of my speed! Ha! Yeah right! We did meet up with James again, but only because he was walking back towards us.

As we're walking, he told me I should try to run to a yield sign. That sucker seemed to be miles away. I had jogged a little while he was running. (Trying to catch up!) I told him I couldn't run that far. If you know me, when someone tells me I can't do something, I am driven to accomplish it. I'm not talking about breaking rules. I just like to push myself. Today, I tried to accomplish something I said out loud I could not do. I darted off and made it to the yield sign! I could hear James cheering me on and looked behind me. I saw him smiling, then I saw another man. When I got to the yield sign, I wanted to lift my arms up like Rocky, but I didn't since the man was there. Wow! I felt great! I didn't lose my breath, and I did it!

We did some more walking and even did some strolling. JJ got out of the stroller to walk for a little while. Then, I hear James say to JJ that he wanted him to get back in the stroller so Mommy and Daddy could run back to the parking lot. I was hoping JJ would beg to keep walking, but he was fine with it. Now, I had to run again! Ha! we kept a nice easy pace and made it!

I really am not a runner, but I go through these times when I have a desire to run. I'm really hoping that if I add it here and there, I will one day be a runner!

Which do you prefer, walk or run?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Drug Store Deals This Week

I had a request to post how I did this week at Rite Aid and CVS. CVS wasn't really anything to brag about, but Rite Aid was amazing! Here's the break down of how I got everything!
Here's what I got at Rite Aid. I want to first say that I had $10 in Up Rewards from my man buying a deal on diapers, then using the rewards to buy razor blades! Shout out to the hubs!

First Transaction:
Lysol no-touch kit $6.88
Stride Spark $.99
Stride Shaun White $.99
Up2u $.99
Mentos $.99
Floss $2.99
Carefree $1.00
Stayfree $3.00
Stayfree $3.00
$10 Up Rewards
$3.00 off Lysol
$1.00 off two Stride gums
$1.00 off Up2u
$.55 off Mentos
$1.00 off floss
$1.00 off Carefree
$2.00 off 2 Stayfree pads
Total out of pocket:
Up Rewards earned:
$2 for the floss
$2 for Stayfree
$1 for Lysol
Second Transaction:
Lysol no-touch kit $6.88
$3 off Lysol
$4 Up  Rewards
Total out of pocket:
Up Rewards earned:
$1 for Lysol
Remaining UP Rewards:

When J saw what I was doing, he wanted to be in the pictures! Yes, he stayed in his pj's most of the day!

I scanned my CVS card at the magic machine and got three coupons. One was $2 off CVS 2 packs of CVS wipes. We needed wipes, so I decied to use it! I don't have my first receipt, so I'm putting the prices I remember.
First Transaction:
36 count Playtex $8.49
18 count Playtex ?
Buy Playtex 36 count, get an 18 count free
$8.49 plus tax
Rewards Earned:
Second Transaction:
20 oz. Mountain Dew $1.77 (James was with me)
CVS wipes $2.99
CVS wipes $2.99
Coupons used:
$2 off 2 CVS wipes
$3 Extra Care Bucks
Total Out of Pocket:

J wanted to be in the Rite Aid trip's loot as well!

J just being cute!

I don't think CVS was that great of a deal, but the wipes weren't a bad price. How did you do this week?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thirfting again

Today was just a great day altogether! First, JJ and I went to Burger King for their story time. This was such a fun time! I actually let him play in the play place. (I usually freak out about germs and don't let him play.) He really enjoyed and even enjoyed his $.99 kid's meal!
Then, we headed to Salvation Army for 1/2 off clothes Wednesday! J found this cool  powered car, however, there was no way to charge the battery. Yet, they still wanted $30 for a powered car that has no power! My mom asked if they would go lower, and the man told her no, because someone may want to buy the car to push their child in. We'll see if anyone does that. Here's a picture of it anyway.
Here are some great things we did get! First, is my mom's finds! Her total was around $4!

Mom's striped shirt is from Dress Barn. I encouraged her to get it because I know blue and white stripes are in this spring! The shirt is an Izod, and I'm not sure about the skirt, but it was only $.50!

Here are the goods I found!

I'm not familiar with the brands of two of the skirts, but the one on the right is from the Gap, the yellow vest if Land's end, and the white jacket is Ann Taylor. The shirts on the bottom are for JJ. They were all $.50 except the dress shirt was $1.50. Not too shabby! We paid $21.35 for all this! This was a fabulous thrifting day, in deed!

We went to Wal-mart after this. I am not a Wal-mart fan, but I needed to look at some of their beads. It was still enjoyable being JJ. I feel so blessed today!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Williamsburg Weekend

My sister, Sarah, just started selling 31 bags and had an open house last Sunday. My mom, JJ and I went to support her and had a fun time! Here's a few pictures from our weekend!
I got J a new tie for church, and he was looking so cute! I also got him a hat, but it was off by the time we made it to lunch.

This is what my Totally-Awesome tote from Thirty-One will look like, only it will say "Rachel" in brown! I'm super excited! It took me all Sunday night to decide what to get. I'm bad at making decisions.

I didn't pack my straightener, and I thought Sarah's didn't work, so I curled my hair. Turned out her straightener did work, but I was happy for a change!

My big helper wanted to help me take the suitcase to the car!

Here's his new hat! He looks so cute in it! He was upset here because the suitcase was stuck on the grass! He wants to do everything by himself.

I got him these cute duck bubbles from Dollar Tree. He thought they were supposed to be on his ears! We were in Target here, and he was fishing with his duck over the side of the cart! What an imagination!