Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thirfting again

Today was just a great day altogether! First, JJ and I went to Burger King for their story time. This was such a fun time! I actually let him play in the play place. (I usually freak out about germs and don't let him play.) He really enjoyed and even enjoyed his $.99 kid's meal!
Then, we headed to Salvation Army for 1/2 off clothes Wednesday! J found this cool  powered car, however, there was no way to charge the battery. Yet, they still wanted $30 for a powered car that has no power! My mom asked if they would go lower, and the man told her no, because someone may want to buy the car to push their child in. We'll see if anyone does that. Here's a picture of it anyway.
Here are some great things we did get! First, is my mom's finds! Her total was around $4!

Mom's striped shirt is from Dress Barn. I encouraged her to get it because I know blue and white stripes are in this spring! The shirt is an Izod, and I'm not sure about the skirt, but it was only $.50!

Here are the goods I found!

I'm not familiar with the brands of two of the skirts, but the one on the right is from the Gap, the yellow vest if Land's end, and the white jacket is Ann Taylor. The shirts on the bottom are for JJ. They were all $.50 except the dress shirt was $1.50. Not too shabby! We paid $21.35 for all this! This was a fabulous thrifting day, in deed!

We went to Wal-mart after this. I am not a Wal-mart fan, but I needed to look at some of their beads. It was still enjoyable being JJ. I feel so blessed today!


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