Monday, November 14, 2011

Signs of a Two Year Old Boy

JJ has been showing off his two year old skills lately! Ha! If that's what you call it anyway.I keep asking him where he came from. His answer is usually, "I don't know".
A few days ago, we were headed to Target. When we got there, I'm getting him out and he shows me a piece of styrofoam from his car seat (under the cover that he discovered and is now digging at) and points to his nose. He then places the styrofoam up his nose. I remained calm (freaking out on the inside, of course) as I try getting this styrofoam out from his nose. Since it was very cold outside, we went in and did our shopping. When we saw James a few minutes later, I told him about. I began rubbing his nose trying to get it out. James takes over at this point. He places one finger on JJ's nostril and has J blow out of the other. Out of his right nostril came flying about an inch or 2 worth of styrofoam. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. We thought we were in the clear until the next morning, James spotted J picking his nose, then a few seconds later, he brought him a piece of styrofoam. Yes, we do nose checks often now! We heard him picking at the styrofoam today in the car. When we said his name, he closed his eyes. He knows he shouldn't be doing it, but it's just so tempting! Ha! He even let me wipe his face and hands with his eyes closed. How do you not laugh at a moment like that! He's crazy!

We were praying before lunch, and it was just me and JJ. He always holds hands with whomever is with with him. Chloe, my parents cat, just happened to be next to J on the floor. He reaches his hand out to Chloe and says, "Meow, *insert JJ talk*". I just told him she didn't want to pray right now. Ha!

I have so many JJ stories to tell. I need to make sure to journal them more often so not one will be forgotten!

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Walking Partner

I have found this fabulous walking trail that JJ and I have walked several times. There's even a sign at the beginning that says to leave all your cares behind while on this trail. I can feel God all around me in His beautiful creation as I walk. There's even a water fountain with a bridge that reminds me so much of my Grandmom and Grandpop. They took me on a similar trail when I was younger, and I will never forget that.
Today, JJ and I went on a walk to be outside in the nice weather. He loves to ride in the stroller. Sometimes, he is silent, taking in all the beauty. Sometimes, he asks me what everything is and shows me things. Today, he wanted to get out. Right before that, I had to stop and stretch because my legs were hurting from jogging a little. (Please do not be impressed with my jogging. I don't do it often, hence the need to stretch so quickly.)
When JJ got out, he called my name to look at him. He was bending down stretching just like I had done! He wanted me to stretch with him. We walked slowly after stretching, then stretched again. We probably stretched 10 times in 5 minutes. It was truly the delight of my day! He is so amazing to me!
He then noticed an airplane that he had to point out to me and ask what it was.
He found many sticks that he liked to pick up and toss to the side. He picked up several rocks. Some got thrown and some were saved in the stroller for a while.

He did get tired after trying to keep up with me! Ha! He was jogging for fun! I put him back in the stroller, and he turned around to look at me! It was adorable! He was in and out of the stroller, and I loved every second of it!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The difference between boys and girls

You may be thinking, duh, everyone knows that! It's not really what I want to talk about.

JJ had a play date with the little girl my sister watches, Reagan. They're a few months apart, and you can tell the difference already. Reagan was so excited to show JJ all her blankets, her stuffed Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird. JJ could could care less. He wanted to play with every toy of hers that made a noise or resembled a train "choo choo".

We took them on a walk so Reagan could show us the cute pumpkins, pretty flowers and the ducks. Every time Reagan would show us a flower or pumpkin, JJ would tell us "Daddy, Papa, Scott".

We got to the ducks, and here was where the funniness started! I gave JJ a blade of grass, he wanted to throw it as far as possible. I gave Reagan grass, she wanted to wave it in the air. Then, the argument happened. Reagan pointed to the ducks and said "duckies". JJ then argued, "no, quack, quacks". This argument went on for a while! Too cute!

When we got back to the house, they sat down and played together! It was fun for sure!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trunk of Treating

We started our day out going to Walgreens to snag some deals on diapers, shampoo and conditioner. Everything was going smoothly until we hit the check out counter. This store has a lollipop display right at JJ's level and always entices him. He now calls lollipops, pop pops. How can you resist that sweet face asking, "pop pop, please"? I gave in! He enjoyed that pop pop, even shared with me for quite some time!

James and I (more me) wanted to take him to something fun for Halloween. We ended up taking him to 2 local churches Trunk of Treating. He was thrilled with the pop pops he got. We walked from trunk to trunk with a pop pop in his mouth. He only stopped to stare at some of the strange looking costumes. Other than that, he was really cool with his Elmo bucket!