Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Alabama 101

I've been living in Alabama just shy of a month now. It has been a culture shock to me for sure. I was born and raised in Maryland. It was quite a rural area, but it was Maryland. I have also lived in Virginia, North Carolina and spent some time in Georgia. Alabama is so different. Here are a few things that I have learned about Alabama since I've been here. I haven't ventured too far from the Fort Rucker area, so there may be some much nicer areas.

1. The hot cars are Camaros and Jeep Wranglers. I'm not sure if that's more of a military thing, but I see them everywhere.
2. People who are actually from around here either talk so slow, you have a hard time focusing because you've thought of a million things you could be doing while they are taking their sweet time talking. Or, their accent is so thick, you're lucky to catch every other word.
3. There is a church on every corner and in between the corners!
4. Family Dollar and Dollar General are almost as numerous as churches.
5. There's a few Fred's Dollar Stores around here. I don't know why, but the name just cracks me up.
6. This is a typical house in this area.
*Not really typical, but I promise I took this picture! Well, my dad did using my phone. My mom and I were driving back from the biggest town around and both saw it. We both got quiet and later discovered we were both deciding if this was real, or we were just seeing things! Please, if this is your house or a family member's house, don't be offended. I've never seen anything like it!
7. Everyone that I've talked to so far who is stationed here for the military is bored out of their minds. I even overheard two woman talking at the library last week about it. One said this was her second time coming here. The other lady asked if she was happy to be back. Her reply was a simple no! It was quite funny!
8. The only grocery stores in the town where I live are called Pic-N-Save and Grocery Outlet. Can I get a Kroger, please? There is a Publix in the next town, but they do not double coupons. If you know me at all, it's killing me!
9. When asking where the closest "insert any type of store here" is even after saying you're new to the area, everyone gives me directions as if I've lived here my whole life. I am directionally challenged, I know, but a newcomer will not know where that is, people!
10. I'm thankful to be so close to my husband and see him on the weekends! I can deal with all this knowing I get to see him Saturday morning!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Holy Bible

When JJ was a tiny baby, I used to read straight from the Bible to him. He would listen intently, and it made me feel like such a spiritual mom leading my child in the right way.
Fast forward 2, 2 & 1/2 years later, LIFE IS BUSY! I'm constantly trying to find something to do to entertain JJ. I'm getting him educational things to do preschool with him. We're doing great at potty training. We're getting involved in things on post that have childcare/class for JJ. Side note, he loves going to class. This is what he calls church.
As I've been trying to be a great mom and provide the needs for my growing boy, I forgot to read the Bible to him or even tell him Bible stories. I honestly thought he would think the Bible was boring. I know that sounds awful, but I need to be honest with myself. Sometimes I look through children's Bibles, and I wish the artist has made the pictures more interesting.
Just a couple weeks ago, I was looking through his little Bible to prepare for preschool. I am planning a verse for each week and a Bible lesson to go with the theme. He came up to me and wanted to read his Bible. Guilt flooded me as I realized I have been depriving my son of God's Word. I seriously cried and cried. I read him one story thinking that was all he would want. No, he wanted to read and read and read. He took his Bible with him everywhere he went for days. I'm glad he's still young, and I can make sure to give him extra Bible time from now on!
We've also been listening to a Little People Sunday School songs cd in the car nonstop. It is his music. Whenever I turn on the radio to something else, he says, "my please". "Deep and Wide" is  his favorite song for right now. He has learned so many of the songs in a short amount of time. I even hear him singing some of them while he's playing!
It is never too late to read God's Word!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thank You

I love hearing JJ say thank you! We have tried very hard to teach him good manners, and when he uses them, it thrills me!
A couple months back, I stopped and got him an ice cream cone on the way home. He tore that thing up! As we were walking toward the front door, he turned around, looked at me and said, "Mommy, thank you (with hands to his lips as if licking an ice cream cone) slurp, slurp." I don't know exactly how to write how he says ice cream, but it's really cute. That was one of those moments that made being his mom even more special.
We recently moved to be close to James and did not pack a pillow for him. I didn't think a pillow was a big deal to him, so I didn't really think about it. When I got his bed set up, he was very upset that he didn't have a "pippo". I let him use Daddy's, but it was too "bish". So, yesterday, we went to the store and got him a cheap pillow! He even helped me carry it in the store. When we got home, I showed it to him again. He ran to me, gave me a hug and told me, "Thank you for my pippo, Mommy!" He was squealing with delight over a $3 pillow!

It amazes me  how the small things are the things he really appreciates! As a mom, I want the best for JJ. I want him to have the toys that will give him hours of fun, the shows that will provide educational helps, nice clothes, and the list goes on... I'm pretty sure JJ will be thankful to be loved and taken care of!