Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thrift Store Style

I know everyone is not into thrift shopping, and that's just fine. But, for me, I love it! It's like finding buried treasure. It's my way of looking cute on a very tight clothing budget. I don't buy everything from thrift stores, but I do get most of my clothes from from them. I can wear name brand clothing and pay quite a fraction of the price. I found a few pieces a couple weeks ago and wanted to post pictures to share what I did with them.
Here are a few pointers for thrift store shopping:
1. Be open minded.
2. Remember, you will not find something every time you go.
3. Look for name brands.
4. Have specific items in mind you're looking for. You may come across something you just have to have and that's okay too!
5. Go on sale days. Some Salvation Armys have 1/2 off all clothing and accecories on Wednesdays. Some thrift stores have a color of the week that will be 1/2 off!
Here's some things I came up with on my last trip!
I got this cute vest from Salvation Army on 1/2 off Wednesday. I paid about $2 or $3!

This is me with the hubs! I made the jewelry I'm wearing. Available by RASberry  Designs!

I got the belt for $2 and the skirt for about $2. By the way, this was a little snug when I bought it, but now it fits great! Also, the boots were $8 at Target! They were an online return and were my size! Amazing!

This is just another angle.

This is not my best pic, but I wanted to show my necklace and earrings. These are also handmade by me!

Does anyone else shop thrift stores? Have any tips?


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