Friday, January 27, 2012

7 years together

Seven years ago today, James asked me to be his girlfriend. On our walk today, we were trying to remember the exact words that we said to each other. We each have our own memories of how it went down. It doesn't really matter now. We've stayed together seven years now! We started dating January of 2005. We were engaged July 5, 2005 and were married June 3, 2006. We wanted to get married sooner, but my parents thought it would be best for me to get one year teaching under my belt.

These seven years have been wonderful! I can't say every day has been perfect, but overall, it's been great! I know that we have gone through hard times, but we have become stronger from them. I thank the Lord for the man he gave me!

Here are some pictures of us over the years!
This was the good old college days eating at The Waffle House.

Here we are engaged.

Our wedding day
We were married about 2 years here.

We went to the races! Ha!

This was during pregnancy with JJ!

Moments after bringing JJ into the world!

Family vacation 2010

Family vacation 2010

Our getaway to Baltimore (just the 2 of us) 2011

This was taken just last week!

I hope you enjoy these pictures! It was fun for me to go back and see how much we've changed! I look so much older now!


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