Thursday, July 12, 2012

Army Friends

Before James left for basic training, he met another man who would be in his company on a facebook page. They were texting before they left and made quite a connection! Because of their connection, I was able to meet a new, sweet friend! (We haven't met in real life just yet!)

It's funny how you can feel so close to a person without ever meeting them face to face, let alone hear their voice! Jen has honestly been my rock through this whole thing! Who else would understand what it's like to have a little boy missing his Daddy, freaking out about what to wear on Family Day and graduation, miss your husband so much it brings you to tears? The list could really go on.

Next Tuesday, I get to meet my new friend, and I cannot wait! I think it will start out as a crying fest as our emotions are way out of whack right now! I hope she doesn't mind a big hug because I love giving hugs!

She has three boys, so I think they will enjoy meeting and playing with JJ!

She read my post about Batman, and her son, Charlie, said JJ needed a Batman shirt! Charlie calls his daddy, Superman and has a Superman shirt! So, they mailed JJ a Batman shirt complete with cape! He loves to wear it! He didn't know who Batman was since he has never seen it, but now he loves it! The cape makes him fly high! When he saw a Batman sign at the mall for the new movie coming out next week he said, "That my big guy!"

This is a shirt I got for me and Jen to wear! We will be twins with matching white pants!

I just happened to find this on clearance! I will be wearing it! It's just perfect! Jen will be wearing a Superman shirt. I also made us necklaces to spruce up our shirts!
Here's the first sign we made for James!


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