Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I had the sweetest words spoken to me by a complete stranger today! Words I didn't realize I needed 'til they were spoken. I was eating lunch at Arby's today and gave into one of their orange shakes. I had some workout clothes on and my pretty, pink "Proud Army Wife" hat. Needless to say, I wasn't looking pretty!

(This was not taken today, but this is me in the hat.)
After I put my order in the lady behind the counter told me she liked my hat. I could have just said thank you, but blabber mouth me told her that my husband is in boot camp right now. She seemed a little shocked that he went in so late. So I just told her that yes, he is an oldie going on! She asked me to tell him thank you for her. I seriously could feel the tears flowing. Then, she continued to tell me how she wishes she were a military wife. I had to ask why because right now I am just not seeing the beauty of it after being away from James for 6 weeks. Yes, you read that correct, 6 WHOLE WEEKS! She said she would love to be married to a hero! She said, "The time you have together you will cherish. Just think, you're married to a hero! That's like being married to Batman!" I told her thank you, then she had another customer ruin my sweet angels words. I know she wasn't an angel, but I know that God had her say those words to me today to encourage me! I walked away feeling so encouraged and proud!
I seriously have never been more proud of my husband! I haven't thought about him being a hero or Batman, yet anyway. Right now, I'm pretty much feeling sorry for myself for having to be away from him so long. I know in the long run, this time apart will seem like such a short time, and it will be totally worth it! I'm just thankful I was able to hear such encouraging words from someone I have never seen before!
Here's to you, my BATMAN!



That's so awesome! I love how God puts people, even strangers, in our path at just the right time. I know you're so ready to see your hero soon. Hang in there!

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