Sunday, July 15, 2012

Little Sponge

  JJ does not miss a beat! He remembers EVERYTHING! He likes to copy what I say and do! He keeps me on my toes and laughing! Here's a few of the funny things he's done lately!

  At dinner the other night, he grabbed his bum bum and very seriously said, "My poo there. Why my poo there?" This had my mother in law and me balling! When he noticed we were laughing, he continued to talk about his poo in his bum bum!  Yes, he calls it his bum bum! I love using that word, so I taught him to say that! Don't judge, you know you think it's adorable!

  As I was walking him to his class at church this morning, we saw a woman pushing a crying baby in a stroller down the hallway. He said, "Aw baby." I asked him why the baby was crying. His response was, "Her mommy spanked her on the bum bum," while he patted his own bum bum! Ha! I doubt she got spanked as she was under a year, but the face that he thought that's why she was crying was priceless!

  As he was concentrating oh so very hard while coloring today he told me to watch him, grabbed my face and brought it right up to his paper! Then, he wanted me to help him color. As soon as my marker would near the paper, he would push it away and say, "No, help me, Mommy!" He also told me, "Me Daddy be happy me coloring!" So sweet!

  His newest thing is asking "why" to every little thing. When he was a tiny baby, it was my personal goal to never say no to him, so he would not use it against me. Now, why didn't I think to never mention why? Ha!

  At Arby's, he says to me, "Mommy, me poo poo, go with me." I asked him where we were going. He said, "Wash my poop."

  As I was sitting at the kitchen table, he rolled in the room with this! That's a hand grenade I got for him! His shades are from Arby's today!

  Frequently used phrases: no way, you coo coo crazy, you poop, I love you too, me no nap, my Daddy in the Army, why my Daddy go bye bye in the Army, I want to go my house, me play, papa juice (orange juice)


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