Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Sillies of JJ

These last few days have been very tiring around here. JJ has been coughing this awful sounding cough. I stayed home with him all day Sunday and tried to make him rest as much as a high energy two year old possibly can. Yesterday, he seemed to be doing a little better. When 2:30am rolled around, and he was awake, I knew it was no good. He got in bed with us, and I woke up to his hacking and him asking to watch (turn on cartoons). We went to the dr. today, and he has a URI. They gave him a breathing treatment which cleared his lungs, so we rented a nebeulaizer and got the meds to go in it.

I know that wasn't really silliness, but I had to share that. On to the silly stuff! He has gone from saying "uh-huh" to a cute "yes" and "yeah"! He also picked up "no way" from a book I read to him at bedtime Sunday night! He loves to point his finger at us and tell us, "No, no, mommy." Cute at times, but others I'm annoyed my 2 year old thinks he's really in charge.

We've been potty training, and after he goes, he loves to pull up his pants without a diaper on. First time mom, me, has been thinking how great it is that he's showing us he's ready to be potty trained! So, today, I let him go without a diaper with just his pjs on. He was under the dining room table for a while saying he was a fish! I'm just adoring how cute he is, when I noticed a nasty smell! Yes, you guessed it right. He pooed in his pants. Oh My Goodness! That was one of the nastiest things I've dealt with as a mom.

He has Fridge Phonics and loves it! He recognized his name when we write it somewhere and loves to hear the letter "j". You put a letter in it, press the letter and it plays a song with the letter and how it sounds. If we need him to come to the kitchen, we just put in a different letter, and he comes running in saying, "NO, no, Daddy" and changes it back to "j"! It's pretty funny!

He said a long sentence the other day that was precious! He calls phones, hellos. I walked in the room the other day, and as he handed me my cell phone he said,' I want to give mommy the hello!" I was so excited!

He loves to turn music on and dance to it. It doesn't even have to have a beat that makes one dance. He will dance to anything!

If he weren't so funny and cute, I think I would have pulled my hair out by now. Everyone keeps saying 3's are worse, and I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around that one.


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