Friday, May 18, 2012

Mr. Independent

JJ has definitely been showing his "terrible twos" side lately. It has been very tiring, but I know this is just a stage. He can be the sweetest thing one minute, then the next he's upset because I did something that he wanted to do himself.

Here's a few pictures that make up for all his "twosness".

This is him having fun eating his Lucky Charms!

He knew I was taking pictures, so he was showing off!

He was balancing this cup on his head during his bath, then he would pretend sneeze to make it fall off.

JJ enjoyed playing with his cousins while they cam e for a visit!

JJ and Kristopher had matching shirts, so we called them twins!

This was too funny! While Mama got up, JJ got in her spot and started drinking her milkshake!

This duck came so close to JJ, it freaked me out. But, or course he wanted to get as close as possible.

The last time we were at this park, these guys hissed at us for getting to close. This time, they came right up to us like we were bffs.

When I saw J try to get up this rock wall, I really doubted he could do it. I did the whole hover over the 2 year old Mommy thing, but he got it. He went up several times, then he went down the slides!

He just keeps getting so big and doing new things. I know that's part of growing up, it's normal... But, when it's your little baby, it's just crazy! I'm a total tear jerker, and I usually cry over new things he does.

This looks like a spaceship, but it has a ball inside that you're supposed to direct around the maze.

He had to be just like Mama and sweep the deck! He was eating his lollipop while doing this!

I cut these while he was helping out front. He just had to cut them too. He got his feelings hurt when he didn't get to help with each one. They turned out looking great though!

This is called the fruit roll up swing at My Gym!

They were using Frisbees to drive their pretend cars at the end of class.

I'm so glad he's so cute and cuddly (sometimes) to make up for all the "no help me, Mommy" I hear!


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