Thursday, May 10, 2012


Today was quite the eventful day! It started out by wasy over sleeping for JJ's music class. We rushed around like chickens with our heads cut off and still got there almost 20 minutes late. He enjoyed class. They played his favorite song on the class cd which is the "choo choo" song!

As I was trying to drag him out of class, he bit me and broke skin. If this is not acting out because Daddy's away, I have a monster on my hands! I seriously thought my child hated me today. Then, when we got to Chick Fil A, it was like he had forgotten how naughty he had been all morning and was the sweetest little thing!

He ate most of his food and played in the playground! He climbed to the top and went down the slide for the first time today! When my mom took him two weeks ago, he got stuck in the top and a dad had to climb up and bring him down!

Then, I had a fabulous short day at work! When I got home, JJ was so happy to see me! But, while we were eating dinner I missed James' call. I had seriously kept my phone near all day. I even checked when I came out of the bathroom to make sure I didn't miss anything. Well, I missed his call, but I did get 3 texts from him, one being a pic of his new haircut! I cried like a baby when I saw I had missed the call. JJ thought the picture of Daddy was so silly and kept asking to see it.  He now wants his hair buzzed. We'll just have to see about that. His hair is finally getting longer and the curls are beautiful!

JJ was super easy to put down to bed, so I'm pretty content. I also got a facebook message from a wife of a man that James met throught facebook a couple months ago who is in bct with James. She told me her husband told her that James is doing well and was chosen as his bay's leader. I have no clue what a bay is or what exactly that means, but I am one proud Army wife!


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