Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 2

Well, we survived one night and a day without Daddy! I know it's small, but I have to take baby steps to make it! That's actually something James has taught me. He always tells me to take one thing at a time! I love him for that. I always see the big, full end of the road that includes 5 million things... He always wants me to focus on one thing at a time. Set goals, he says. My goal is to make it one day at a time. Then, I'll go for a week.

Today was a nice day. J and I snuggled while watching tv this morning. Then, we went to the grocery store. I guess all the shopping wore him out, because we got in the car and I turned around to see him snoozing away.

While he napped, I clipped and organized my coupons from this week! I am finally caught up on my clipping and organizing! I worked on laundry from vacation. I even shed a tear while I put James' underwear in the washer. Then, I felt really silly!

JJ was watching tv and dancing this afternoon! The boy can really groove! He must get it from James because I look ridiculous when I try to dance.

I worked a couple hours this evening, then headed home to my boy! He was so happy to see me, and that made me feel great! He had told my mom that I didn't give him his "pop pop", so I made sure to do that asap! He was so excited! As I opened the bag, I told him, "For every lollipop he eats, that's one day closer to seeing...." And he screamed with delight, "Daddy!" I really hope this excitement keeps up!

A little funny about J today was as I was eating dinner I was showing me how he was kicking. As he was kicking he was saying something, but I wasn't sure what he was saying. Then, I saw he had a tiny soccer ball sticker he was holding out like he was kicking it! What a funny boy!


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