Monday, November 14, 2011

Signs of a Two Year Old Boy

JJ has been showing off his two year old skills lately! Ha! If that's what you call it anyway.I keep asking him where he came from. His answer is usually, "I don't know".
A few days ago, we were headed to Target. When we got there, I'm getting him out and he shows me a piece of styrofoam from his car seat (under the cover that he discovered and is now digging at) and points to his nose. He then places the styrofoam up his nose. I remained calm (freaking out on the inside, of course) as I try getting this styrofoam out from his nose. Since it was very cold outside, we went in and did our shopping. When we saw James a few minutes later, I told him about. I began rubbing his nose trying to get it out. James takes over at this point. He places one finger on JJ's nostril and has J blow out of the other. Out of his right nostril came flying about an inch or 2 worth of styrofoam. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. We thought we were in the clear until the next morning, James spotted J picking his nose, then a few seconds later, he brought him a piece of styrofoam. Yes, we do nose checks often now! We heard him picking at the styrofoam today in the car. When we said his name, he closed his eyes. He knows he shouldn't be doing it, but it's just so tempting! Ha! He even let me wipe his face and hands with his eyes closed. How do you not laugh at a moment like that! He's crazy!

We were praying before lunch, and it was just me and JJ. He always holds hands with whomever is with with him. Chloe, my parents cat, just happened to be next to J on the floor. He reaches his hand out to Chloe and says, "Meow, *insert JJ talk*". I just told him she didn't want to pray right now. Ha!

I have so many JJ stories to tell. I need to make sure to journal them more often so not one will be forgotten!


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